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Tax Consulting

The tax consultancy services provided by VAS Consulting bring together all of your areas of the Togolese tax and regulatory environment and the sub-region, and more particularly the following aspects:


The cabinet Vas consulting will assist you during the negotiation and implementation of specific tax treaties (Drafting and negotiation of specific tax treaties for strategic projects, the preparation of the file for admission to the investment code or free zone management ).

The Vas consulting firm will assist you with all tax questions. This assistance can be done on a permanent basis or in special tax situations.

The firm will bring you its expertise during the verification of your accounts. The Firm can represent you during tax adjustments and in tax disputes.

Cabinet Vas Consulting can carry out monthly or annual tax declarations for your company.

Cabinet Vas Consulting may intervene to carry out a limited or in-depth tax review to bring out the exact tax situation of your company.