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Legal Consulting

The legal advice services provided by VAS Consulting bring together all of your areas of the Togolese tax and regulatory environment and the sub-region, and more particularly the following aspects:


The development of contractual relationships, the difficulties arising from disputes and the risks of default by partners require careful consideration of legal situations and vigilant drafting of contracts having in particular the following objects: acquisition of businesses; technical assistance ; industrial property rights licensing; loan or financial assistance; business (rental of works, services, subcontracting); shareholders’ agreements; collateral agreements.

Constitution of companies, increase or reduction of capital, transformation, dissolution and liquidation of companies.
This aspect of the activity naturally includes a preliminary study of the proposed operation with regard to the company’s ambitions, legal requirements and the tax implications of the project.

Drafting of acts and completion of various publicity formalities concerning the different aspects of the life of companies (boards of directors, assemblies, decision of the partner or sole shareholder), keeping of registers and securities records.

These matters are part of the legal environment of the company and any analysis of a situation implies taking them into account.

Acquisitions, disposals, mergers, divisions, partial contributions of assets, transformation are the manifestations of adaptation to changes in the economic environment.

The development of individual and collective labor disputes obliges employers to ensure that their decisions do not expose them to risks. Vas Consulting supports this necessary vigilance of employers by advising on all decisions to be made in the area of ​​labor law, through consultations and specific studies.