Delphin PADARO


Delphin Essossolam PADARO is a tax accountant at VAS Consulting in Togo. Mr. PADARO was trained at the University of Lome (Togo) in Accounting Control Audit.


Delphin has a professional experience of more than 4 years in the practice of accounting, control and audit.

Before joining Vas Consulting, he was an accounting trainer at Afrique Audit and Accounting (3A) and then at the NGO APEL AFRIQUE.

He regularly provides assistance to local and foreign companies through VAS Consulting in the main accounting, tax and human resources disciplines such as

  • General accounting
  • Analytical accounting
  • Corporate accounting
  • Audit and control
  • Human resources management
  • Tax law
  • Social law
  • Labor law

He regularly performs accounting and tax missions: Accounting assistance, Accounting audit, Tax audit and advice, Assistance during tax inspections, Tax optimization schemes, Control and Analysis of accounts.